Agreement signing with Hemas Holdings PLC supporting their journey towards renewable energy transition through solar power

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Roof mounted panels to offset electricity usage by 25%

In an unprecedented move to ensure continued sustainable business operations, Hemas Holdings PLC has initiated a greater utilisation of renewable energy as a part of its Group Environmental Agenda 2030.

The diversified corporate initiated this process to install several roof-mounted solar PV systems from Hayleys Solar, the renewable energy arm of Fentons Ltd at strategic locations where the Group’s significant operations take place. Once fully functional, Hemas Holdings’ usage of solar energy will offset the electricity usage by 25%, ensuring that its operations will have a minimized impact on the environment.

In addition to reducing the Group’s atmospheric carbon footprint and minimising ozone depletion, adopting alternative energy sources has prepared Hemas Holdings to face eventual fossil fuel shortages.

Hemas Holdings is hopeful to utilise its position as a changemaker to inspire other corporates to switch to renewable energy sources as well, so that collectively, sustainable business will become the new normal, minimising the entire environmental impact on Sri Lanka as a whole.

Through its environmental agenda, Hemas has pledged to work towards raising awareness and championing advocacy through partnerships to safeguard the environment, actively pursue the use of natural resources in a responsible manner, limit the impact of operations and reduce the use of plastics that are harmful to the environment.

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