Green Experience Centers immerse visitors in eco-friendly solutions and raises awareness about solar energy potential.

Driving affordable and accessible solar energy options to empower communities

Leading the adoption of solar power within commercial and industrial sectors to help businesses reduce costs and achieve sustainability goals.

Solar power has emerged as the leading solution in pursuing a sustainable future. Hayleys Fentons, Sri Lanka’s number one solar EPC company and MEP contractor, is at the forefront of this transformation, setting the stage for a greener and more sustainable future.

With a steadfast commitment to growth, accessibility, and empowering communities, Hayleys Solar, the renewable energy arm of Hayleys Fentons, is revolutionizing the renewable energy landscape in the country. It’s the newest venture – establishing Green Experience Centers island-wide over the next years.

Hayleys Fentons aims to ensure the accessibility and affordability of solar power across all sectors of society, championing sustainable development as a testament to their unwavering dedication towards forging a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Expanding with Green Experience Centers 

Hayleys Fentons is taking a bold step forward with its inspiring plan to launch Green Experience Centers. These experience centers are innovative hubs where visitors can explore the world of solar technology and engage with cutting-edge value engineering solutions.

The Experience Center offers a comprehensive range of world-class solutions, from solar power systems to cutting-edge ICT Solutions, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing solutions, CCTV systems, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), Lighting solutions, Facility management services, and more. It offers an immersive experience meant to inspire people to embrace clean energy.

The inaugural center, situated within the Katunayake Investment Promotion Zone, operates solely on solar power and an off-grid system powered by a lithium battery system, making it Sri Lanka’s first green energy-powered experience center.

Hayleys Fentons’ was further strengthened with their second experience centre, opened at 109, Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Matara very recently, strengthening the company’s plan to bring solar solutions closer to its customers.

Making solar power affordable

Hayleys Fentons’ commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in its core values. The company understands that one of the major obstacles to the widespread adoption of solar energy has been its affordability. To address this issue, Hayleys Solar introduces affordable yet quality solar solutions to the market.

By making solar energy available to a wider audience, the company expands the market size and ensures that affordable energy is within reach.

Hasith Prematillake, the Managing Director of Hayleys Fentons, emphasizes that their vision goes beyond profit. “The goal is to make solar power accessible and affordable across all sectors of the country, enabling communities to become energy self-sufficient.”

Leading the Solar Energy Market

By providing innovative and cutting-edge solar energy solutions, Hayleys Solar has established itself as a reliable partner in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

With its highly skilled team of engineers, the company leads the transformative efforts of both commercial and industrial sectors in adopting solar power solutions. Hayleys Solar prioritizes maintenance efficiency, energy and resource optimization, and CO2 reduction in its solutions.

Roshane Perera, Director and CEO of Hayleys Solar, states that “Hayleys Solar’s experience and expertise in the industry allowed the company to become the market leader. Today, Hayleys Solar has installed over 125 MW of solar systems, accounting for the largest collective solar rooftop capacity in Sri Lanka.” Cost benefits and various sustainability initiatives have prompted many companies to embrace solar energy, he said.

Empowering Communities

Hayleys Solar recognizes that empowering communities is crucial for sustainable development. By making solar energy accessible and affordable, the company reduces dependence on traditional energy sources and creates opportunities for communities to thrive.

Rising electricity tariffs in Sri Lanka have placed a burden on households, making solar energy an attractive alternative. Investing in a solar system ensures fixed, levelized costs of solar electricity generation, allowing for stable production cost calculations for the next two decades, regardless of inflation or utility tariff revisions.

The company is optimistic about the future and plans to continue its growth trajectory while maintaining its commitment to sustainability.

“We are confident that with our expertise and experience, we can continue to lead the way in the renewable energy industry in Sri Lanka,” Perera says. “We will continue to innovate and provide environmentally friendly solutions to our customers while contributing to a sustainable future for all.”

As solar energy becomes an increasingly vital solution globally and in Sri Lanka, Hayleys Solar, powered by Hayleys Fentons, is at the forefront, guiding Sri Lanka toward a brighter, more sustainable future, ensuring that the country’s solar energy sector is efficient, reliable, and accessible to all by bringing solar solutions closer to customers.

The inverter is a critical component of the solar panel system – its ‘brain’. The inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into AC electricity that can be used in your home or business or sold to the utility. It also must include key safety features required by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and the Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited (LECO).

Here are the steps to select the best-suited inverter for your solar panel system:

A) Ensure the capacity is suitable for the needs of your home or business.

Your energy needs will depend on factors such as your home or business size, the number of occupants, and the appliances you use. The inverter should have a capacity that matches your energy needs. Oversizing the inverter is not recommended as underloaded inverters generate more harmonics, resulting in poor-quality electricity output.

B) Choose between string inverters and micro-inverters based on your system size and shading issues.

String inverters are the most common type and are suitable for systems with minimal shading issues. Shading issues refer to the obstruction or partial covering of solar panels by nearby objects, such as trees, buildings, or other structures, which can result in reduced energy production. Micro-inverters are ideal for systems with partial shading problems or when you have a multipaned roof, as they guide each panel to generate independently (this is called MPPT tracking).

C) Check the certifications and features of the inverter, such as efficiency, voltage range, and monitoring capabilities.

  • The inverter should have certifications from recognized bodies such as UL, TUV, or IEC.
  • The inverter’s efficiency will determine how much electricity is lost during conversion.
  • The voltage range should match the DC voltage of your solar panels
  • The inverter should have monitoring capabilities to track the system’s performance. Also, if the inverter is placed outside, the IP rating of the inverter has to be considered.

D) Select a reputable brand that offers warranties and after-sales service.

Choose a brand that has a proven track record of reliability and offers warranties and after-sales service to ensure the longevity and performance of your solar panel system.

Hayleys Solar Inverters offer high-quality, efficient, and reliable solutions for all solar power systems. Designed to cater to a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential applications, these inverters can handle capacities ranging from 1kW to 100kW. Hayleys Solar inverter brands use multiple MPPT tracking technology, allowing maximum energy harvest from your solar panels. These inverters are backed by a 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and protecting your investment.

Notably, the most common cause of inverter failure is grid surges and lightning strikes, which are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. We strongly recommend that you insure your inverter and the entire solar panel system as a precaution to enjoy added protection and peace of mind.

Hayleys Solar, the renewable energy arm of Hayleys Fentons, in partnership with Lumala, a pioneering bicycle brand in Sri Lanka with a market presence of 4 decades, is looking to revolutionize the country’s e-mobility sector. This expedition, named the “Eco Ride”, took place covering a route of over 800 km extended from Point Pedro to Dondra from 6th to 16th of March. Participants rode on Lumala E-bikes powered by Energynet, an innovative off-grid/hybrid solar PV system with battery backup provided by Hayleys Solar.

This partnership marks Hayleys Solar’s entry into solar-powered commute solutions which is an extension of its existing domestic and industrial solar solutions. The transport sector is one of the main carbon emitters in the country, responsible for almost 47% of CO2 emissions (WRI CAIT 2.0, 2015), and is growing at an alarming rate. Solar-powered e-bikes provide a practical and renewable solution to this problem, particularly in Sri Lanka, where sunlight is in abundance throughout the year. This is especially important at a time when energy security poses one of the most serious challenge in Sri Lanka.

Additionally, solar-powered e-bikes provide a convenient mode of transportation for short-to medium-distance travel, especially in congested urban areas where parking and traffic can be challenging.

Hasith Prematillake, Managing Director of Hayleys Fentons, said that the Lithium-ion based e-bike from Lumala offers a higher occupancy rate, speed, and travel range that can satisfy the needs of the local commute. “In partnership with Lumala, we’re evaluating the potential of solar-powered commute solutions in Sri Lanka. Petrol prices are fluctuating and it may not be feasible for people to continuously use their own vehicles daily. Together we are looking to reduce energy consumption by more than 41%, as well as decrease CO2 emissions by more than 75%.”

Roshane Perera, Director & Chief Executive Officer of Hayleys Solar, said, “Hayleys Solar is proud to be the energy partner of Lumala’s “Eco Ride.” This partnership exemplifies our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community development. We are further exploring the possibilities in bringing green hydrogen technology to promote sustainable mobility in Sri Lanka.”

Commenting on the initiative, Aazim Miflal, Managing Director of Lumala said, “As a Sri Lankan household name synonymous with bicycles, our response to the current energy crisis was the introduction of a Lithium-ion based Electric bicycle. With an operating cost of only Rs 1 per km and the ability to charge the bikes while on the go through the Energynet system, the Eco ride showed a practical and cost-effective solution for off-grid resorts and plants. By combining the Energynet System with electric bikes, the need to maintain a conventional motorbike and its additional costs were eliminated.”

“The 100km Eco Ride, proved that the Energynet system is of high quality and provides reliable assurance, even when exposed to extremely harsh conditions,” said Miflal.

Hayleys Solar, the renewable energy arm of Hayleys Fentons, has completed phase 1 of the grid-tied rooftop solar PV system for Emjay International (Pvt) Ltd, a leading apparel manufacturer. This project covered Emjay’s manufacturing facilities located at Karandagolla, Kurunegala, and Panwila, Kandy.

The project is part of Emjay’s ‘Mihiliya’ sustainability initiative to create energy-efficient and sustainable environments. The installation of solar panels at Emjay’s Karandagolla and Panwila factories will generate 54,737 kWhs and 21,146 kWhs of solar power respectively, reducing CO2 emissions by 40.5 tonnes and 15.63 tonnes monthly.

This project is a testimony to Emjay’s commitment to ensuring a high degree of social and environmental responsibility and their renewable energy transition. Furthermore, the project enables Emjay to meet its sustainability goals by consuming clean and renewable energy in its production facilities, to go net zero.

Mr. Hasith Prematillake, Managing Director of Fentons Ltd mentioned that “At Hayleys Solar, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch solar solutions and our partnership with Emjay International (Pvt) Ltd exemplifies our unwavering commitment to this goal. Projects like this one allow us to showcase our expertise and provide high-quality solar solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We look forward to implementing more projects like this in our journey of building a more sustainable Sri Lanka.”

Emjay’s sustainability strategy and meeting its objectives not only helps the company meet corporate goals, but has also attracted global brands that promote sustainability. The successful implementation of this project is a significant milestone in Emjay’s journey toward sustainability and a positive contribution to preserving the environment.

Ms. Roshani Wijayapala, Director of Emjay International (Pvt) Ltd, shared her comments on the project, “We as Emjay have understood the importance of building a sustainable corporate, which needs to be positively contributing and preserving our mother nature. This resulted in the creation of ‘Mihiliya’, which is our sustainability strategy. We partnered with Hayleys Solar, to meet one of Mihiliya’s objectives of converting our production facilities into safe and clean energy sources. With the installation of solar panels in our Karandagolla and Panwila factories, 78% and 60% respectively of the energy demand is met through renewable energy. This is a huge milestone in our journey towards sustainability.”

Sharing his thoughts, Mr. Roshane Perera, Chief Executive Officer of Hayleys Solar said: “The successful completion of this project further solidifies our position as the number one solar provider in the country. Our team is ready and eager to continue supporting individuals and businesses to transition to clean energy. We would like to extend our gratitude to Emjay International (Pvt) Ltd, for placing their trust in us.”

Commercial installations such as the projects completed at Emjay allow organizations to maintain their commitments to sustainability initiatives, whilst avoiding electricity tariff revisions and continuous financial challenges, ensuring economical health. Hayleys Solar has brought in the latest technology to effectively utilize solar energy and minimize fuel costs during power outages. So far, Hayleys Solar has completed over 125 Megawatts of Solar PV Systems across the island, covering domestic and commercial projects. Backed by over 100 years of engineering excellence from Fentons Ltd, Hayleys Solar can provide solar projects and solutions of the highest quality standard.

With the growing need for clean and renewable energy sources, solar power has become an increasingly popular option for Sri Lankan homeowners. However, selecting the best-suited solar panel system for your needs can be a daunting task. It requires careful consideration of several factors, such as energy needs, system size, shading issues, and safety requirements. Making the right decision can maximize energy production and cost savings, while a poor choice can lead to inefficiencies and long-term expenses. As the No.1 solar provider in Sri Lanka, Hayleys Solar has the expertise and experience to help homeowners make informed decisions.

  • Panel technology:

Panel technology plays a crucial role in the performance and reliability of solar panels. Hayleys Solar offers high-quality  solar panel technology, including the Mono PERC panels. These panels are 500Wp and above, making them suitable for various solar energy needs. The  technology used in these panels is Monocrystalline PERC, known for its high efficiency and reliability.

  • Size:

Size is another important consideration when selecting solar panels. The Mono PERC panels from Hayleys Solar come in two sizes, providing installation flexibility. The smallest size is 1960 x 991 x 40 mm, while the largest size is 2279 x 1134 x 35 mm. Homeowners can choose the size that best fits their available space and energy requirements.

  • Warranty: 

Warranty is a crucial factor to consider when investing in solar panels. Hayleys Solar offers a 12-year warranty for their Mono PERC panels. This warranty covers any defects or issues with the panels and ensures that they perform optimally without material failures. In addition, Hayleys Solar provides a performance guarantee of up to 25 years, ensuring that the panels maintain a minimum of 84.8% efficiency even after 25 years of use. This long-term warranty and performance guarantee provide homeowners with peace of mind and confidence in their investment.

  • Efficiency and temperature coefficient:

Efficiency and temperature coefficient are key indicators of solar panel performance. The efficiency of the Mono PERC panels from Hayleys Solar can go up to 21.7%, which is relatively high for solar panels. This high efficiency translates to greater energy production and higher cost savings. Additionally, the temperature coefficient of these panels is -0.35%/°C, meaning that they can perform well in a wide range of temperatures. This feature makes the Mono PERC panels from Hayleys Solar among the most efficient and reliable solar panels available in the market.

When it comes to selecting the best-suited solar panel system for your home, Hayleys Solar offers a comprehensive range of options. Their Mono PERC panels with advanced technology, different sizes, and impressive warranty and performance guarantees ensure that homeowners can make an informed decision.

Take the first step towards a sustainable future by using our Solar Bill Calculator. Enter your monthly electricity bill amount, and we’ll provide you with an estimate of how much solar energy kWh can be generated and the potential reduction in units per month. Discover how Hayleys Solar can help you bring your electricity bill to zero with our innovative solar power solutions.

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