Off-grid & Hybrid Solar Powered/ Inverter Solutions

“EnergyNet” by Hayleys Solar is an off-grid solar PV system with a battery backup which allows solar power generated during the daytime to be stored, making it ideal for usage during power outages, even during nighttime. Our off-grid and hybrid solar systems can seamlessly power critical loads during power outages including lights, fans, refrigerators, televisions and laptops; it can even be customised to support higher loads such as air conditioners and pumps.

Enjoy 24/7 access to electricity at all times


Our Offer

  • Capacities – 1,3,4 & 5 kVA
  • Scalable storage capacities
  • VRLA Batteries or Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, which deliver greater performance, safety and lifespan.

DIY Offer

  • Inverter
  • Solar Panels
  • Battery & Installation Kit
Solar architecture


Our Offer

  • Scalable storage capacities
  • A modular design which consists of a power module and one or more battery modules
  • Compatible with single and three phase inverters

Solar architecture
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